Programmatic: Is going in-house 的wrong answer to 的right question?

With 90% of advertisers reviewing how they buy programmatic ads, is taking 的practice in-house a solution or likely to throw up just as many challenges?


周围 90%的广告客户正在审查和重置购买程序化广告的方式,因为人们对透明度,折扣和广告欺诈行为的担忧日益增加。

That was 的conclusion of a study by 的WFA this week, which found in-house desks are now used by a fifth of 它 s members, up from almost none two years ago. And use of private marketplaces where advertisers deal directly with publishers is increasing 67%.

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The need for a new approach comes after concerns over agency rebates 和 ad fraud. Last year, 的ANA声称广告代理商的高级管理人员了解并定期执行有争议的做法,而这些做法通常不会透露给客户。 其中包括现金回扣,作为存货抵免的回扣和‘service agreements’用于非媒体服务,例如咨询或研究。

人们还担心广告欺诈,因为组织没有向发布商施加足够的压力,以致他们无法利用获利的印象来货币化或出售欺诈性的印象, 联合利华’首席营销官基思·韦德(Keith Weed)敦促品牌商不要让供应商“标记自己的作业”.

在这种背景下,品牌想要更多地了解其数字广告的购买方式并在某些情况下获得更多控制权就不足为奇了。 Comparethemarket.com和Confused.com等品牌,以及Expedia和Lastminute.com等旅游品牌已经将注意力从代理商交易台(ATD)转移到了内部选择上。


“We also use a number of demand-side platforms (DSP) to buy inventory that overlays our own ecommerce 数据, making 它 more intelligent 和 allowing us to connect with customers throughout 的web,”Lastminute.com广告与合作伙伴关系首席商务官Alessandra Di Lorenzo告诉《营销周刊》。

Di Lorenzo says one of 的key reasons for this move was 的importance of 数据. is increasingly buying advertising programmatically because of 的ability to bid in real-time bidding tools 和 use 它 s rich 数据 to better monetise 它 s inventory 和 to find 和 target customers when they are browsing on third-party sites.

迪洛伦佐相信 the “black box model” is “不再可持续”并且这两个新兴市场将扮演“big part”帮助广告商掌控一切。这些包括私人市场,广告商可以在其中“挑选广告去向和附加哪些数据” 和 programmatic guaranteed, which will simplify 的process of 媒体购买.


The fact advertisers are reviewing their programmatic buying should not be that surprising given 它 s explosive growth over 的past few years. Programmatic was expected to account for around 70% of all digital display in 的UK last year, according to eMarketer, 和 is becoming increasingly common in other media including TV.

独立程序性机构Infectious Media首席执行官马丁·凯利(Martin Kelly)  says 它 makes sense for marketers to react to major changes in 的industry brought about by 的rise of programmatic.

“大多数广告客户在看到选项时都会感到高兴。它使品牌可以评估最适合自己及其自身需求的产品,” he says.


People go in-house for more control 和 transparency 和 in some ways these are 的right drivers. But in-housing can be 的wrong answer to 的right problem.

马丁·凯利(Martin Kelly),传染媒介

“许多在内部进行付费搜索的品牌可能会自动认为自己应该采用程序化内部营销,但是与搜索相比,程序化是一个更加分散,混乱的游戏,” he explains.


“People go in-house for more control 和 transparency 和 in some ways these are 的right drivers. But in-housing can be 的wrong answer to 的right problem,” he says.

Instead, marketers should focus on education 和 understanding what model suits them, rather than assuming that in-house is 的right answer. For some, agency trading desks remain 的best bet to ensure they have expertise on hand while brands with more expertise might look to independents, in-house or a combination.




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