Consumers split over impact of 耐克’s Colin Kaepernick campaign

New data shows that younger consumers 和 those who are Asian or Black/African American are far more likely to view the campaign favourably than older, white consumers, 和 它 is more likely to get them to buy from 耐克 in the future.

耐克 Colin KaerpernickUS 和 UK consumers are split over the impact of 耐克’的Colin Kaepernick竞选活动中,年轻人和亚洲或美国黑人/非洲裔美国人比老龄白人消费者更看好竞选活动。

YouGov BrandIndex的数据显示,该广告系列无疑引起了英国消费者的关注。它的注意力得分(用于衡量受访者是否听说过某个新宝2的信息)已从广告发布前的+9左右上升到了昨天(9月11日)的+28。


“YouGov’s BrandIndex data underlines the immediate impact that the campaign has had, with 耐克 generating attention that very few brands are able to match,”YouGov新宝2负责人Amelia Brophy说。

在调查中 在市场营销周委托托伦纳(Toluna)进行调查的1,000名美国消费者中,整个人对这场运动的影响产生了分歧。当被问及他们是否听到过有关该广告的正面或负面评论时,有31%的人说’ve heard “mostly” or “overwhelmingly”正面评论,相比之下,有45%的人听说过“mostly” or “overwhelmingly” negative responses.

在回答有关该运动是否使他们思考不同的问题时 耐克,有33%的人说他们现在对新宝2的看法更好,而有30%的人说不好。 ’s had no impact. There is a similar split for whether 它 impacted their likelihood to buy 耐克 products, with 28% saying they would buy more, 26% that they would buy less 和 46% saying 它 would not affect their propensity to purchase.

In a separate study of 1,000 UK consumers conducted by Toluna for 营销周, while fewer respondents have heard about the campaign 它 has had a more positive impact on those who have. Some 31% say comments have been 大多 or overwhelming positive, with just 11% saying they have seen 大多 or 压倒性地 negative comments.

而且,尽管该活动不太可能使人们对英国的新宝2有所不同或购买更多的产品–分别有63%和70%的人回答这些问题– 30% say 它 will make them view the brand more favourably 和 24% say they will buy more 耐克 products as a result. Just 7% now view 耐克 less favourably 和 6% will buy fewer 耐克 products.


但是,总体回应只能说出有关该运动影响的某个故事。人’s reaction to 它 varies markedly based on key demographics such as age 和 ethnicity. And the data suggests 耐克’的定位有效。

通过 featuring Kaerpernick in 它 s campaign, 耐克 has created positive buzz 和 impact from an audience of younger consumers, those who are more left wing 和 those from the BAME community. And the survey shows these people are also more likely to be 耐克 customers.

According to Toluna, 79% of those aged 18 to 34 in the US are 耐克 customers, compared to 63% among the 35 to 54 age group, 和 41% among the over-55s. They are also much more likely to support NFL players taking the knee during the national anthem, to think that brands in general should take a political stance 和 that 耐克 specifically is the sort of brand that should take a stand on political issues.

这流经结果。在18至34岁的人群中,约41%的人表示他们听到的有关该运动的评论是“mostly” or “overwhelmingly”正。相比之下,年龄在35岁至54岁之间的比例为35%,55岁以上年龄段的比例为23%。

Respondents aged 18 to 34 are also more likely to say the campaign has positively impacted their opinion of 耐克, with 50% now viewing 它 more favourably compared to 14% that view 它 less favourably. And 它 has positively impacted their propensity to buy 耐克 products, with 49% saying they will buy more versus the 9% saying they will buy less.

In comparison, just 22% of those aged over 55 now think more favourably about 耐克, versus 42% that now view the brand less favourably. Plus, 14% say they will be more likely to buy 耐克 products after seeing the campaign, versus 27% say they will be less likely to.

There is a similar pattern when looking at ethnicity in the US. Asian 和 Black/African American respondents are more likely to be 耐克 customers than white consumers 和 more likely to have seen 大多 positive comments about the campaign, to view 耐克 more favourably 和 to buy more products from 耐克.


And according to the YouGov data, while 耐克’s年龄在18至34岁之间的人的印象得分为+45(从竞选前的+34上升到该分数),在55岁以上的人群中的印象得分仅为+36。

“Nike’s brand metrics have improved most among consumers that are aged 18 to 34. Our results suggest that 耐克 is successfully speaking to 它 s target audience –运动服支出的未来是这个年轻的人群–并且它愿意与年龄较大,较保守的人对抗,以确保其信息能够传递出去。

“Importantly, our Profiles data shows that those who already shop at 耐克 are more likely than the average person to have a positive impression of Kaepernick.”


正如《营销周刊》专栏作家马克·里森(Mark Ritson)所说:“耐克通过这项运动赢得了新宝2定位方面的大奖。但它在定位上损失了​​一半。从这个意义上讲’s one of the boldest branding plays of the year. The big question is whether the massive surge in notoriety, salience, revitalisation 和 meaning across half 耐克’市场的波动将抵消另一半的负面影响。”



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  1. 皮特·奥斯汀(Pete Austin)来自Fresh Relevance 2018年9月14日

    该活动正在进行。唐’我自己喜欢它,因为它’故意分裂,我认为’s bad for society (I’我没有评论问题的实质),但是’从纯经济角度来看,显然是正确的举动。从长远来看,他们所冒的风险是,年轻人长大后往往会拒绝激进主义。 //

    • 尼古拉斯·温加德 2018年10月4日

      指定目标younger people by knowing that they support more radical moves is clever on 耐克’s part. In response to saying that 耐克’s move is deliberately divisive, there will always be divided amongst older 和 younger generations 和 that is what this comes down to. Older generations do not consume at the level of a younger person 和 they also do not buy 耐克, for the most part. 耐克 knows that most of their customers are younger 和 they will always make moves to appeal to the younger crowd.

  2. 尼古拉斯·温加德 2018年10月4日

    耐克’s campaign with Kaepernick is working in my opinion. 耐克’s focus on targeting the younger generation of consumers, researching where they stand with the NFL knee situation 和 understanding what stance the bulk of their current customers take on the situation stands out to me. This was a very bold marketing campaign by 耐克 和 one that took a decent amount of research on the views of the rising, younger consumers. Most of the youth already supported the taking of a knee in the NFL, something 耐克 knew, they also knew that those who did not support the knee movement where of a certain age 和 race that already did not buy 耐克 products. Fitness gear appeals to the younger generations naturally, the fitness lifestyle is on the rise 和 most people live an active life now compared to those from previous generations who did not grow up under the influence of the fitness take over. My opinion on the knee movement does not match those who are for or against 它 but my view on 耐克 is more positive now though, not because they support the knee movement but because they are not afraid to make a bold move 和 are not afraid to upset a mass of people.


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